Update - April 3, 2008

Some of us have decided to work on a proposal to assist ASCD to prepare for 2009 so Web 2.0 pedagogies are appropriately represented at the conference. If you want to join us, go here.

May 1, 2008 is the Day.

This is a "shout out" to students and educators in my digital network. Pass this message onto everyone in your network.


  • ASCD is the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

  • Their membership represents more than 175,000 educators from 119 countries and nearly 60 affiliates.

  • Their 2009 Annual Conference is about Imagining how to Engage Students more deeply in their Learning and about How Technology Can Help.

  • 2008 Annual Conference: March 15-17, 2008

    • 9,000 ~ The number of people attending

    • 500+ ~ The number of sessions offered

    • 27 ~ The number of sessions in the Instructional Technology Strand

    • 5 ~ The number of sessions in the Instructional Technology Strand with Web 2.0 content!!

This is the opportunity we can not miss. If you care about transforming education in a way that Claims What We Imagine, join me in submitting a proposal by May 1, 2008 for the 2009 ASCD Annual Convention. If you are concerned about the echo chamber, open the door and walk out of the chamber. ASCD represents 175,000 outstanding professionals in 119 countries who are hungry to learn what will help them to be more successful teaching students. The 2009 ASCD Annual Conference has four themes and two are relevant to this shout out.

If you are not familiar with my efforts to teach my non-digital colleagues about my journey into the world of Web 2.0, check out the content of my blog, innovation3, and this wiki. In simple terms I have been learning about the Web 2.0 tools and pedagogy since July 2008. What I have learned about the people, thinking, commitment, tools, sharing and learning has impressed me. Now along comes this opportunity to invite you to share what you know with an audience that, by and large, is as unaware as I was about Web 2.0 pedagogies. This is the opportunity to bring our conversation into the mainstream of education in the world.

But look at the numbers! Only five sessions in 2008 on Web 2.0. Can we push that number to 50 - to 100 - to 150 for 2009 when 50% of the conference is about Changing Minds to Engage and Learn More Deeply and Connecting Learners in an E-World? Aren't these the themes we talk about all the time online?

I have four ASKS!

  • Ask 1: Pass this information onto everyone who can help Pass It Forward to others who need to know.

  • Ask 2: By May 1st, submit a "concurrent" proposal for a session that will help teach others about Web 2.0 Pedagogies.

  • Ask 3: Attend the conference whether or not you are presenting. Join with me to jump start the conversation about why we need Web 2.0 pedagogies in our schools to help engage students more deeply in their learning.

  • Register your name here if you will work with me to help Claim What We Imagine.

ASCD Concurrent Proposal Overview

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external image arrow-dotted-red.gif Preparing Your Concurrent Proposal
external image arrow-dotted-red.gif Review and Notification
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