In Falmouth MA, USA the public schools have a strong relationship with the many scientific institutions in Woods Hole and other villages of Falmouth. Liz McGonagle and I proposed an initiative that we called Project SEpTeMber to articulate the many features of the relationship that we wanted to enhance over time. Here is the outline of our work together.

Woods Hole & Falmouth Public Schools

Project SEpTeMber*

Project SEpTeMber’s mission is to foster preeminence in K-12 SETM* education for Falmouth Public Schools.

Project SEpTeMber will study K-12 SETM education, develop community capacity to support K-12 SETM education; and foster good practices in K-12 SETM education.

Core Concepts (REDI)

- Renewal
- Engagement
- Discovery &
- Innovation

You can help us….

• Identify and/or develop opportunities and resources to support our efforts to implement good practices for PreK-12 SETM learning
• Design and implement a good practices process for scientists to visit, review, benchmark, and offer recommendations for Falmouth’s SETM program.
• Identify and/or develop web-based tools to support our SETM instruction:
o Web-based presentation of the best SETM internet resources for Falmouth’s teachers, students and parents.
o Web-based application that shows teachers how to access and use in the classroom SETM internet resources.
o Web-based open source platform for those interested in authoring and improving web-based tools for teaching SETM.
• Design logistical support for our SETM subjects
• Identify potential interactions between K-12 SETM instruction and ongoing projects at Woods Hole institutions
• Identify essential SETM concepts in our curriculum to serve as a basis for our partnership projects
• Develop programs for community outreach to encourage awareness, interest and motivation in SETM subjects for students, parents and the community
• Calibrate our system in relation to worldwide standards and expectations
• Develop strategies to link SETM subjects and studies to career opportunities – share your stories and experiences

SETM = Science, Engineering, Technology & Mathematics