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David Macaulay: All roads lead to Rome Antics

What could students learn about humanity from this TED talk by David Macaulay that you must watch from beginning to end?

Stephanie Pace Marshall

The Power to Transform: Leadership That Brings Learning and Schooling to Life

The Power to Transform Video

"Let's contrast the messages the current learning and schooling story inadvertently sends to our children, with those intentionally sent by the new story. Now imagine sitting down with a child whom you love and telling her a new story." p. 88

The Current Story of Learning Distorts Innate Learning Identity, p. 84

The New Story of Learning Honors Each Child's Unique Learning Identity, p.88

Educators Participating in Web 2.0 Read/Write Web Interaction

1. You are born either smart or not so smart.
1. Your brain can actually grow when it is challenged.
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2. Really smart people are good at all school subjects -- math, science, reading, writing
2. Intelligence is not a single capacity and is not fixed at birth.
Self-Directed Learning: E-Learning
3. Everyone should learn at the same time and in the same way.
3. Schools are currently designed to teach and reward two of your potentials.
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4. You can tell how smart or intelligent you are by how well you do on tests (usually standardized and high stakes).
4. Learning is a naturally social and collaborative activity.
Social Networking: Ning
5. Schooling and learning are the same thing.
5. Understanding concepts, pursuing questions that matter to you, and solving meaningful problems are what learning is all about.
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6. Competition is essential to success.
6. You are a unique learner. There is no one in the world exactly like you.
Asynchronous Learning: Wiki
7. Learning is a solitary activity.
7. We are all works in progress.
New Tools and New Applications ~ Forever Learning:
8. What professionals tell you about your intelligence, learning ability, and learning ability is probably true.
8. The earth and all of life, including each of us, comprise a dynamic learning system. Elluminate ~ When Night Falls
9. Your passion, emotions, intuition and spirit are not welcome or very useful in school.

10. Your goals and dreams are probably unrealistic, and you will likely outgrow them when you get into the real world.

What Happens When Learning is Not a Straight Line?

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